Ecstatic Orgasmic Activation

Journey to the depth of your sacred erotic self

It is time to claim your sexual expression, explore the freedom of your sensuality and awaken as a highly orgasmic woman

Our sexual energy is our greatest natural resource. It is the powerful creative force within us that continuously manifest and creates the magic in our lives.

This is an invitation to be guided through fascinating processes using ancient techniques and modern day practices to help heal past traumas, cultivate your erotic empowerment, and activate your ecstatic orgasmic self.

Are you ready to…?

Feel deeper pleasure and endlessly ecstatic orgasms.

Cultivate deep self love.

Heal the trauma that is holding you back.

Sensitize your body for unlimited pleasure.

Let go of the shame that is blocking your pleasure.

This program is for you if
you are feeling

  • Disconnected during sex and struggling with vaginal numbness
  • Unseen, unheard and dull in your sexual expression
  • Disconnected from your life force energy
  • There must be something missing in your sex life
  • It’s time to reinvent yourself as a sexually confident woman
  • Uninspired with low vitality
  • Envious of women who are sexually expressed and fear somehow it is not available to you

And, you are longing for…

  • More in the realm of sexuality and sensuality
  • Feeling of aliveness and vibrancy in everyday life
  • Deeper orgasms that open the Divine Portal within
  • New ways to explore love, sex and intimacy.

It is time to awaken your superpowers as a highly orgasmic turned on woman and fall wildly in love with your sexual self.

Now is the moment to claim your space as an erotically empowered woman. It is time to come fully alive and simmer in your delicious natural state of being. You can have this with some dedication, feeling, love and practice. Now is the time to let go of the old limitations and awaken to your full orgasmic potential.

Life is a rather fascinating journey and our sexuality is an essential part of the journey. There comes the right moment in every woman’s life when she is ready to set off down the pleasure path of love and healing.

A highly orgasmic woman isn’t a fairytale…

the potential is within you…

You just need to unlock the door…

A unique tantric journey
designed for you and your individual needs

It helps you to create deep intimacy with yourself so you can soar in ecstasy with another. It is focused with somatic based coaching style to help unlock your potential. The work includes breath work, rituals, shadow work, embodiment practices, self pleasuring and more. There is a rather full spectrum of possibility on offer and it is customized to your unique needs.

You will:

  • Unlock the keys to life-changing orgasms.
  • Deeply know and own your own pleasure.
  • Let go of shame around your sexuality.
  • Feel powerful and confident as a sensual woman.
  • Activate “I am enough” in every cell of your being.
  • Tap into your innate inner power.
  • Experience the Sacredness of your Sexuality.

This program
is a valuable to you whether solo or in a partnership

The practices will direct you to the healing that is ready to happen to open yourself to deeper sensual pleasure and orgasmic bliss. This program is available whether you are single or in partnership. It is necessary to create deep intimacy with ourselves so that we may soar in ecstasy with another.

This package includes:

  • A sincere invitation to know yourself.
  • A video on Jade Egg Practice.
  • Six 1-on-1 60 Minute- Orgasmic Activation Coaching Sessions online or in person in Vancouver.
  • 1 Bonus follow up Orgasmic Activation Coaching Session two months after the program. (making 7 Sessions total).
  • A Jade Egg.
  • Regular Customized homeplay assignments to make the magic happen.
  • Unlimited email support.

About Me

I am here to hold the space for you to make the magic happen. I am here with numerous resources I have collected over an extended time of study and practice of the Tantric Arts. I have been sharing the teachings with others over the last 10 years and it is clear that cracking the orgasmic code is a life changing experience for every woman who does it.

I am here on this journey with you as a support to answer questions, encourage you, be your witness and help the mystery to unravel. I feel passionately that for women to awaken to our orgasmic potential is an essential and powerful step on the journey. Cultivating our Sacred Erotic Selves brings much needed medicine to the world.

Can you imagine

  • Feeling confident and sexy in your body
  • Thriving and feeling energized after making love.
  • Feeling totally enchanted with your Sacred Erotic Self
  • Discovering your expanded capacity for pleasure.
  • Communicating your sexual desires.
  • Answering your deep soul calling.
  • Experiencing the healing potential of your Yoni.
  • Letting go of the feeling like you are missing out on the big secret.Letting go of all sorts of conditioning.

“I think we have cracked the code. Definitely the best lovemaking of my life happening, wow. Thank you for helping to inspire. So freaking fantastic.”

Dawn S.