Ecstatic Connection For Couples

Ignite the Passion and Let The Sparks Fly In The Bedroom.

It is time to re-charge your connection with your Beloved. Over time we tend to fall into routine and everything begins to feel stagnant and predictable.This is your invitation to enliven your body and reawaken your sensuality with your partner. It is time to ignite your passion to new heights so that your hearts may rise to the heavens.


Learn how to experience authentic connection, intimate communication, playful innocence and erotic passion together.

In this 7 week coaching program you’ll learn to activate your multi orgasmic potential and experience bliss.

Learn the Art of prioritizing Intimacy and sustaining Desire.

Create a Nourishing Connection with your Partner.

Revive your Passion and Come Alive.

Open up and Reveal Yourself.

Allow yourself to be Seen, Heard and Felt.

Discover the alchemy of the power of your breath, your heart and presence creating a deeper Soul Connection.

“My partner and I sought out Krista and her knowledge of the tantra practices in order to grow our level of intimacy as a couple and learn about new ways that we could increase or harness our individual sexual energies. Krista created a comfortable environment in order to begin exploring some of the tantric practices. Her consultations included the opportunity to share our experience in a non-judgemental and safe space. This was balanced with her offerings of the tantric teachings, exercises and homework so that we could see what worked for us. It is clear that Krista was meant to do this work and we thank her for sharing her insights.”

-Ryan Loustalet

Re-discover your partner and experience the depth of intimacy you crave.

When you cherish your relationship yet it is lacking the sense of excitement and fulfillment you know you are both capable of, you’ll:

  • Notice you are feeling tired with an overall lack of passion in life.
  • Feel that perhaps you are struggling because you and your partner have mismatched desire levels.
  • Feel limited by life’s busy schedule
  • Feel a deep desire to bring more passion and connection to your current relationship
  • Notice that your sexual challenges stop you from experiencing yourself and your partner fully.
  • Worry that your love affair has been permanently reduced to a good friendship.


Sometimes after spending so much time with someone you may sense there is so much more to them then has yet been discovered. Let your curiosity come alive. Discover new ways of building g intimacy together. Learn how to dive deep.

Dissolve the beliefs that have been limiting your relationship. Learn to consciously access a new level of sexual arousal with your partner. Learn to connect authentically and build sustainable passion in and out of the bedroom

Are You Ready To Reconnect to the Pleasure and the Power of Love and Intimacy?

Do you feel ready to empower your life though sacred intimacy? I offer a free discovery session on Zoom.

About Coaching With Krista

This coaching package covers a wide range of topics chosen to support your individual needs, desires and goals. Although you see a structure, I customize each package as I recognize that every client is unique.

The somatic based transformational coaching sessions involve breathing exercises, dyadic work, neuroplasticity exercises, meditations and more. There is often homeplay or suggested study recommendations that complement the work and are necessary for maximum outcome.

Your Investment:

This 7 week coaching package is $877 plus GST

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We are full of gratitude for the new life that Krista helped bring to our relationship. We came to her on the brink of separation in our marriage. We are so thrilled to be connecting with each other in more authentic ways and able to express our needs and desires. It improved our relationship in many ways. Best of all we have explored our sexuality together and taken it to exciting new levels.

–Jody and Christopher