Sex and Spirituality: How are they similar?

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Sex and Spirituality: How are they similar?

Sex and spirituality – here is the truth about it. Sex is a very spiritual experience. The nature of Eros is Divine.

Prayerful lovemaking is the sexiest thing in the world.

It must have occurred to you that you were born from sex? 

That this human creation is, in fact, a product of sexual energy – if that is not a considerable confirmation of Spirit then I do not know what is?

People choose to devote their life to Spirit yet think somehow this means they need to deny their sexual energy. 

Why suppress your desire when it is the golden ticket on this cosmic journey? We are here to experience the oneness of body, mind and spirit?

How Sex and Spirituality Came To Be One

Many people are attracted to Tantra at the beginning of a healing journey. They are attracted to the profound healing and mystical experiences that are available. Eventually, it comes clear that  Sacred Union is recognized as a real path to enlightenment.

For me, it was my spiritual quest that brought me to Tantra. I did not seek the answers to understand my sexuality specifically, but I followed a deep calling to know myself truly. These two could not be separated.

When we surrender to tantric lovemaking’s transcendental experiences, it becomes clear that this is a bullet train of a journey beyond mind and ego—an inviting opportunity to return to our true essential nature beyond words and time.

When we embrace the Tantric path of sexuality, it also benefits your meditation practice.  

What you can experience through mystical moments of lovemaking, can support you to move to that very place in your meditation and daily life with much more grace. 

Tantra is about opening to all that we are as Divine beings—awakening our sexual energies so that they may flow like a high voltage river throughout our beings and awaken us to the bliss that we indeed are.

At first, this is possible in glimpses. The more we do our deep work of clearing out the old and making space within, the more we can sustain these states.

Sex and spirituality, how do they work as one? How is sex spiritual? Relax into your pelvis, rest in the heart and delight in the infinite ocean of possibility.