Legendary Cervical Orgasms

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Legendary Cervical Orgasms

Why are cervical orgasms considered so sought after in the bedrooms of the erotically empowered? Why do some people put cervical orgasms into the same category as the mythical Ogopogo? Cervical orgasms truly surpass the mere whispers of myth and live up to their status as a true legend. Well worth the effort and exploration to awaken cervical orgasms in your lives.

What is a cervical orgasm?

The cervical orgasm has been declared the ultimate Tantric orgasm. This is because these orgasms are able to open you to profoundly mystical experiences. The energy experienced in this process is able to naturally sublime all the way through the chakras up to the crown chakra and expand your consciousness. The beauty in this is that you are not allotted one per lovemaking session. A woman’s body is able to experience an unlimited supply of cervical orgasms and this ongoing experience awakens you to epic bliss.

The cervix is the entrance of the womb and when met with a man’s lingam there is a certain highly charged polarity phenomenon that we can sense with this penetrative gesture of the lingam meeting the cervix. Try tuning into this pure electricity of Shiva meeting Shakti.

The cervix has three main energy channels that wire it directly to the brain. Looking at her sister the clitoris we may note she has only one main channel linking her to the brain.  The Taoist’s also tell us that the cervix is directly wired to the heart in Taoist Sexual Reflexology. These orgasms open us to profound feelings of deep love and oneness.

So why is it that so many women prefer not to have their cervix’s touched? It is a really common area to experience pain or numbness and so many women have had a painful experience of the cervix being touched in a way that hurt and then typically avoid having it touched forever after. Once experiencing such sensitivity and pain women need the inspiration to explore the cervix again so they may continue their journey down the pleasure path and discover their unlimited potential.

The cervix is really the deep core of our feminine and holds our traumas and heartbreaks. Cervical orgasms can be profoundly healing as so much is stored within. Women typically may need to go through a cervical de-armoring process, or program, before the transition of previous pain can be experienced as pleasure. The cervix needs to be approached with sensitivity, love, presence and all the time she may need. Often the cervix may not reach her pleasure for 20-40 minutes so if a sexual encounter is only lasting for 10 minutes then she will never have the opportunity to know this pleasure.

The best way to de-armor your cervix is with a lot of love, patience and dedication. Self-pleasuring is a valuable approach. We need to really know our own bodies first. Using an obsidian wand is a good way to go with applying pressure in back and forth and circular movements to begin awakening her to sensation. You can anticipate that the pain may be present for some weeks and just to know your own limits of exploration and stay always connected to your dear ally the breath. With time the cervical pleasure will grow in intensity.

When it comes time for cervical penetration with your partner I will mention there is a true art to building the cervical orgasm to the point of “Oh my God it is going to blast my head off” quality. This is the art of taking great pleasure in adopting a rhythmic steady penetration with extreme awareness. The awareness is used with precision to feel the actual building of the orgasmic energy. What happens is that every time the lingam thrusts toward and taps on the cervix the energy of the orgasm builds a little more, she gets bigger and bigger with every thrust. These are thrilling moments of pure excitement feeling that orgasm building and knowing well she has the potential to send you straight through the cosmic gates at the moment of blast off. The art is knowing the threshold, building the orgasm in just the way that finally the lingam will move to meet the cervix again and find the anticipated pause, the resting moment when finally all that exquisite creative life force energy moves through the entire being in a high voltage journey to Divine Awakening. This is felt through the entire being and can be so profound that we may feel just simply to meditate in that expanded state of blissful consciousness.

I emphasize the point here to really pause and allow that cervical orgasm to be fully lived, there is no rush here. Enjoy this extraordinary wonder. If you start to thrust too quickly the orgasm will be robbed of her full expression.

My hope is that you will find some inspiration in these words and begin your initiation into the magical unparalleled world of cervical orgasms.