Eros in the Time of COVID-19

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Eros in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has us living in interesting times. Our current change in daily life and routines has affected us on multiple levels. Many people are struggling with massive changes or the loss of work, having the kids may be at home with you without pause, the loss of social outlets that have been pillars for your happiness and on top of all of this, it is likely that you are at home with your partner almost all the time these days.

More time together, fewer times with friends, less alone time and way more time with the kids…

A bit of COVID-19 cabin fever is sure to be felt.

If this is the case for you, then I will offer you a tip for navigating this strange new world with a bit of sexiness. 

We live in an accelerated time when some relationships quickly crystalize into more profound commitment and love, while other partnerships will crumble.

It can be pretty overwhelming when you are in a dance of un-ending togetherness. 

What happens when we are suddenly spending all of our time together eating the same food, seeing each other all day? 

That connection loses some of its spark. We create our charge through our differences, and when we are suddenly feeling more like a twin than a lover, it is time to spice it up, get playful and create some erotic friction.

I get that there are limitations if the kids are home all of the time. 

Suppose you do not have much private space. There is still an opportunity to ignite your erotic creativity. So much is available to us through the imagination. The day we decide that we think we know everything about our partner, that there is nothing new for you to discover about them, that day is the death of eros. However, resurrection is often possible.

This is something that you can do at home at any time. You can do this at the kitchen table however, I would recommend lighting a few candles and creating a sacred space. This can be done with or without clothing. You will each need a pen and paper.

How to Ignite The Sexy Fire during COVID-19

On your paper, you will write out five fantasies or sexual desires you have. Feel into your body and your imagination for this. Invite your imagination to reveal itself without judgement.

You will each take a turn to read your list and then choose one from the list to share in more detail. Explain the fantasy: Who is there with you? What is the temperature? Where are you? What is the scent in the air? 

Allow your partner to ask questions, so you both get an animated sense of the desire. This desire never has to come true. There can be so much pleasure felt in the body just from talking about it. Then the other partner will have a chance to share their list.

This is a fun practice, and it can open up the erotic doorways in the relationship. Even talking about these desires can be so liberating.

This list may or may not translate into new explorations. Sharing about it without even acting on it can already increase your capacity for pleasure.

Have fun with this. May it recharge and deepen your erotic connections during COVID-19, this current cycle of chaos.