What is Tantra?

“Isn’t it time to┬áturn your heart into a temple of fire?” -Rumi

So just what is Tantra? We are hearing this word more and more these days and we find it is a word that can be associated with many avenues because Tantra itself is such a vast practice. The word Tantra is often used to describe a variety of events in this Universe.

Tantra is an ancient art of awakening. It is a meditative practice that invites us to embrace the physical world as an avenue to access our highest spiritual potentials. We find many paths encouraging the avoidance of the physical world yet Tantra alternatively shows us that the body we inhabit is indeed our sacred temple. Tantra helps us to recognize the Divinity living within all of us and access Spirit through the body.

Tantra includes sexuality as part of the awakening process. In the west we find that the sexually oriented practices of Tantra are the ones that are more commonly known because we live in a world in which culturally sexuality has been shaped with a lot of distortion and many seek an alternative route for healthy conscious sexuality.Many people are living with sexual challenges therefore these practices have attracted people who often begin their path seeking healing and this typically leads to profound experiences that find a great support in the more classical practices of tantric yoga, meditation and rituals.

When practiced with dedication the sexual practices of Tantra can indeed lead to highly mystical states of consciousness. Tantric lovemaking experiences propel us beyond the limitations of the mind into ecstatic states of pure being. These experiences are then able to compliment a meditation practice to a depth of stillness that would not be as easily accessible without this practice.

Tantra eventually becomes a way of living, of being in this world, a lifestyle and a choice of saying yes to life! If practiced in its true form with devotion from the heart Tantra reveals the forgotten language of ecstasy.