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Powerful Experiences To Help You Open Your Heart and Experience Bliss

The Heart of Tantra Practitioner Training

The Heart of Tantra Practitioner training is a comprehensive, holistic program which weaves together ancient and modern Tantric knowledge to take you deep on the Tantric path. This course is compiled from the teachings our experienced facilitators have learned from decades of practising, studying and teaching the Tantric arts.

Through becoming a Tantric Practitioner learn how to relate consciously with others, to express yourself, to experience true intimacy, to recognize the divinity within all things, to experience high states of bliss and to love tenderly, madly and deeply.

Please reach out and we can set up an interview about this training.

 Level 1- September 23rd-29th, 2024

Level 2- November , 2024

Dragon Heart Center, Quesnel, BC

Opening to Bliss – Tantric Couples Retreat

You and your partner are invited to follow your heart’s desire and experience an exquisite Tantric Weekend. In this deep dive, you are invited to leave everything else behind, awaken to the moment and weave your Heart, Soul and Body with your Beloved.

This private Tantric sanctuary is located in the forests of central B.C.. This is a place to retreat in a natural setting and dedicate some time to exploring the depth of Intimacy with your Beloved.

The focus of this retreat will be on Tantric practices that are designed for couples to deepen in their practices of Sexuality, Intimacy and Love.

Space for this exclusive retreat is limited so if you are feeling called please reach out soon to secure your spots. This will be an unforgettable retreat and will deeply connect you with your partner in a new way. I look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Next Retreat:

July 19th-23rd, 2024

Dragon Heart Center, Quesnel, BC

Includes Lodging, Aphrodisiacs and Delicious Healthy Vegetarian meals


Heart of Intimacy Retreat- Breathwave Tantra

This is an invitation to approach the here and now as an exploration of sensitivity, sexuality, power and our ability to love deeply. Discover the healing potency of sexual energy to bring awakening, freedom and aliveness to all aspects of life.

We will be using various techniques of White Tantric practices ranging from dyadic work, movement, dance, sound and breath to engage in deeper intimacy with ourselves and others.  This will not be involving any nudity or explicit demonstrations.

Two daily Breathwave Ceremonies will serve to integrate and activate all that we stir.

Conscious Connected Breathing is an alchemical union of the male and female aspects within us. Breathing is our connection to the source of life. 

Join Krista and Robin Clements who is a masterful teacher and founder of Breathwave bringing decades of experience to his heart full and teachings. He is brimming with love and integrity and offers a deep transmission of his transformational work.

This is a unique experience to work with these two exquisite teachers. If you are interested in becoming a Breathwork facilitator this is counted as a level 1 in the Breathwave Trainings.

For more information and registration please visit Robin’s site

October 12th-18th 2024,

Ocean Resort, Campbell River, BC

         Yoni Puja

Yoni Puja is a very powerful ancient Tantric Ritual. This ritual is a beautiful avenue for deep and potent healing.It is a ceremonial space for women to collectively let go, pray, release, expand, love and forgive self and others. This is an opportunity for healing for our sexuality. This is a sacred space to honor a miscarriage, abortion or any other womb related trauma. We will show reverence for the feminine through honoring the symbolic Yoni in the style of the Kaula lineage of India.

This Ritual is offered from the Heart with the intention for deep healing for the Sacred Feminine and our Planet Earth.

Next Puja:

September 9th, 2024

4- 10 pm

Anandoham Tantra Summer Camp

Are you craving deeper connection, love and aliveness? Come and explore a cosncious relational space in which you are invited to explore opening to your body’s innate intelligence to guide you on a journey of intimacy and self expression.

This is a transformational weekend in which you will be immersed in sacred teachings, connective skill building practices,dance, dyadic practice, yoga and tantric breathwork.

This weekend happening in the Dragon Heart Space in the beauty of the northern Cariboo region about 7 hours from Vancouver. It will be an intimate gathering of connection for those new on the Tantric path or those wanting to deepen into their practice. It is open for both couples and solo folx.


August 9th-11th, 2024


The Art of Tantra

In this 2 day weekend workshop you will begin with the roots of the ancient art of Tantra.You will learn:

  • Both the art and the benefits of subliming your sexual energy.
  • The many kinds of orgasms available to women and how to channel your energy into blissful implosive orgasms.
  • How to control and expand your energy consciously.
  • Study the chakra system.
  • Explore sexual continence for men-non ejaculation and multi orgasmic potential.
  • Learn to play with the art of polarity- the magnetic friction between a man and a woman.
  • Discover the depth of intimacy available through our breath.

Next Workshop:

Autumn 2024

10am- 5:30pm

Vancouver, B.C.

Tantra Date Night for Lovers Online

Join us for a special guided TantricDate Night with your Beloved from the privacy of your own home. A magical night steeped in Ritual and Connection.

This celebration wlill be dripping with love and eros so that you may have a luscious unforgettable evening with your Beloved.You will be guided through an array of scrumptious practices designed to make your heart swoon and your body tremble.

We will start with an Elemental Adoration Ritual to honour and cherish the Beloved and move into Devotional Offerings to fulfill your deep longing and desire.

Zoom link given upon registration

May 31st- 19:00-21:00 PST


 Three weeks ago I was ready to leave my spiritual path. You saved me. I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am. I know I have many trials ahead of me still, but now I face them with joy in my heart knowing that I have finally found my teacher. I have been searching for so long..