Fearless Masculinity

Ravish your woman and make love for hours.

Do you feel like you aren’t aren’t sexually confident and skillful at pleasuring a woman?

Doubt, feeling like you aren’t good enough and premature ejaculation can leave a man questioning his masculinity.

Sexual mastery has a dramatic impact in your life beyond the bedroom. Learn how to powerfully step into your masculinity, experience the bliss of hours of sexual pleasure for you and your woman and feel personal victory in all areas of your life.

In this 7 week coaching program you’ll learn to master your sexual energy and live with masculine power.

Learn to truly Ravish a woman and make love for hours.

Take the steps to prolonged ejaculation and to non-ejaculation.

Express your masculinity so you feel powerful and in control of your life.

Build sexual polarity that opens a woman through her heart so she can experience more pleasure.

Discover heightened states of arousal that allow you to feel more alive.

Feel how truly sexy your heart is and discover the connection between your heart and your lingam.

Energize your being and harness your sexual energy.

Experience the impact that your sexual victory has on your life beyond the bedroom.

Welcome more pleasure and meaningful connection in your life.

Krista really brought together everything I had been looking for. She embodies process and stability emanating the wisdom and both the innocent spirit and power of the Feminine. Her approach to transforming your relationship with yourself and with others is profoundly grounded, intuitive and alive with a vibrancy of heart that is unique and deeply refreshing.

–Lucas Kott

Transform Your Sexuality, Master Fearless Masculinity.

I see too many men struggling to maintain a strong sense of their masculine self and a mastery of sex. This can play out in the following ways:

  • Premature ejaculation, not being able to last more than a few minutes.
  • Feeling doubt and questioning if you’re good enough.
  • Lacking confidence with women.
  • Feeling uninspired and lacking purpose.
  • A loss of desire for sex.
  • Struggling to feel the connection between love and sexuality.
  • An unhealthy relationship with porn.
  • Not having a present relationship with your lingam.

You can be a master in the bedroom and feel in control of your life.

Once you step fully into your masculinity, your whole life will become more fulfilling. You’ll revive your passion and learn to harness and channel our sexual energy into other aspects of life.

You’ll be able to take the steps to having long lasting sex, mastering when you ejaculate and satisfying yourself and your woman.

Are You Ready To Ignite Your Sexual Self?


If you are ready to unleash yourself in the bedroom and experience the bliss of sexual liberation, I offer a free 5-step introductory session called Ignite Your Sexual Self.

About Coaching With Krista

This coaching package is designed to cover various topics to achieve a desired outcome. Although you see a structure, I recognize that every client is unique. The sessions are conducted based on the variety of needs, desires and goals you may hold.

The transformational sessions involve  breathing exercises, dyadic work, neuroplasticity exercises, meditations, overall coaching and more. There is often homework or suggested study recommendations that complement the work and are most often necessary.

Your Investment:

This 7 week coaching package is $700, payable in advance.

Sign up for the free introductory Ignite Your Sexual Self session to begin your journey to being a Multi Orgasmic Woman!

Krista is a warm and knowledgeable teacher and I would recommend her workshops or soirees to anyone who is curious about Tantra, or just wants to experience a depth of intimacy and connection.