Mind-Blowing Mystical Sex

Tantra For Couples


It is time to embark on a journey that will change your relationship with yourself and your Beloved forever.

Learn to reach profound states of love and divinity through your sexuality.

Revel in the juicy deliciousness of driving each other wild and bringing your souls together in ecstatic unity.

This coaching will invigorate your relationship and reinvent what lovemaking looks like.

Inside each of us lies a trove of astonishing energy just waiting to be harnessed. Tapping into this elixir will breathe new life into every cell of your being, and will make you wish that you had learned these secrets long ago.


Do you find your sexual life fulfilling yet you know there is a much greater mystery waiting to be revealed. Are you ready to take a journey down the pleasure path and cultivate your full  potential.

In this 7 week coaching program you will…

Explore the sacred mystery that lies within your sexuality.

Discover the art of slowing it down.

Return to wholeness.

Heal yourself through your sexuality.

Feel more happy, joyful and alive.

Open the door to your highest potential.

After 17 years of marriage I had come to believe that I was lucky to have such a close companion to share my life with and it was time to perhaps forget about sex. To my surprise the techniques that Krista shared with us brought us into a whole new leg of the journey dripping with deeper love and passion.

–Kate, Canada

I was so curious about what could possibly happen when we took the steps toward Tantric sexuality. The experience has been far beyond my wildest imagination. With Krista’s guidance we were able to drop into a nurturing and tender space where our souls merged and our hearts have seemed o expand to infinity. We are feeling so thankful for this guidance

                                                                  –Cassandra, United States

Explore Tantra and Learn to Live as Love.

Curious to live the life of a sexual Mystic? Tantra is a path of Awakening that invites us to explore ourselves and discover some exquisitely profound states.Discover how much of your sexual potential stills lies untapped. Unleash your human potential, open your heart and live in awe of your essential nature.

Learn how to connect authentically with your partner. You are invited to move beyond performance into a natural state of loving. Discover what it is like when wee can slow way down and drop into feeling.

Learn how to know what you want as a sexual being and how to communicate this to your partner. Explore different practices of communication, touch and breath to deepen into soul connection.

Once we begin the sexual practices of Tantra we are able to witness the effects such practices have on many aspects of our life. This is an endless road of possibility not to be underestimated.

Are You Ready To Reconnect to the Power and Pleasure of Love and Intimacy?

Do you feel ready to empower your life though sacred intimacy? I offer a free discovery session on Zoom.

About Coaching With Krista

This coaching package is designed to cover various topics to achieve a desired outcome. Although you see a structure, I recognize that every client is unique. The sessions are conducted based on the variety of needs, desires and goals you may hold.

The somatic based transformational coaching sessions involve  breathing exercises, dyadic work, neuroplasticity exercises, meditations and more. There is often homeplay or suggested study recommendations to maximize outcome.

Your Investment:

This 7 week coaching package is $877 plus GST, payable in advance.

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Where to begin? Working with Krista changed my life and brought me a freedom I craved all my life. Through this Tantra Coaching I have opened up to new dimensions of myself and fallen in love with my wife all over again.

–Richard, Canada