Come Into Yourself:

The Multi Orgasmic Woman

Awaken and express your sensuality.

It is time to discover the unlimited potential of your orgasmic capacity and all the goodness it can bring to all areas of your life. Let go of that old fear of being judged and come into yourself.

Learn how to have a completely nourishing sex life without compromising  your illuminated heart.

In this 7 week coaching program you’ll learn to activate your multi orgasmic potential and experience bliss.

Activate your multi orgasmic potential including the legendary cervical orgasms.


Create a loving relationship with your Yoni.

Map the connection between the Heart and Sex.

Energize your entire being and harness your sexual energy.

Revive your passion and reclaim your sexiness so you can live a fulfilling life.

Learn the Art of letting go of shame & old stagnant patterns.


Being guided by Krista, I have compassionately been shown what lies beyond the edge of the self-constructed confines of my mind and provided with the space to heal and reconstruct my beliefs around intimacy. Krista makes the magic and bliss within every moment a palpable experience.

–Wendy Rodgers

Stop spending too much time feeling like you have to be strong and play it safe.

When your sex life isn’t what you want it to be, you often experience:

  • Feeling limited by shame and body image beliefs.
  • Loss of feeling and sensation in Yoni.
  • Feeling like you are unable to express yourself sexually.
  • A craving for intimacy and passion in all aspects of life.
  • Feeling like it is not safe to let your feminine radiance shine bright in the world.

Sexpress yourself shamelessly and enjoy being seen and felt.

Ecstasy is a natural state that is your birthright, as you reclaim your sexiness, you whole life becomes more fulfilling. You’ll revive your passion and learn to harness and channel our sexual energy into other aspects of life.

Break through old shame and limited sexual beliefs so that you can reclaim your power so you can create a loving relationship to your Yoni and change the way you inhabit this world.

Are You Ready To Ignite Your Sexual Self?


If you are ready to discover yourself and experience the bliss of sexual liberation, I offer a free introductory session called Ignite Your Sexual Self.

About Coaching With Krista

This coaching package is designed to cover various topics to achieve a desired outcome. Although you see a structure, I recognize that every client is unique. The sessions are conducted based on the variety of needs, desires and goals you may hold.

The transformational sessions involve  breathing exercises, dyadic work, neuroplasticity exercises, meditations, overall coaching and more. There is often homework or suggested study recommendations that complement the work and are most often necessary.

Your Investment:

This 7 week coaching package is $777, payable in advance.

Sign up for the free introductory Ignite Your Sexual Self session to begin your journey to being a Multi Orgasmic Woman!

Krista is a warm and knowledgeable teacher and I would recommend her workshops or soirees to anyone who is curious about Tantra, or just wants to experience a depth of intimacy and connection.