Every Breath You Take

Breathe into orgasm

Every Breath You Take

People are always inquiring about the secrets to amazing sex. What does it take to have earth-shaking, bed-breaking, spirit soaring, heart melting ecstatic tantric sex?

There is a constant longing to experience the next level of intimacy and the mythical sex lives of the Gods that we hear about. There are many ingredients being stirred into the cauldron to bring us the boon of legendary sex. Let’s focus on a key component, the breath.

The Breath and Sex

Quite simply every life form on this planet requires oxygen to live. Regardless if we live in the hot sweaty jungles or the cool crisp mountaintops we thrive on the oxygen delivered by our breath. Choosing to breathe deeply with awareness brings an energetic attunement to our bodies, hearts and spirits. This is part of the alchemical process that opens us to the depth of our selves.

We are born breathing from the very first moment we push through mama’s gateway and are initiated into human life on earth. It is the quality of breath that remains diverse for most people. The quality of breath reflects the quality of our sexual experience.

The power of our breath is far more than a simple key to brilliant sex, it is pivotal for thriving in life. Breath activates our life force.

I have memories of being jam-packed into the crowded Tokyo subways, every car overflowing with humanity. It was such an odd feeling of the unfamiliar bodies of the commuters intensely pressing against me and sensing the restricted rhythms and sounds of those breathing around me. It seemed as though they were gasping for life in the desperation of their daily routine. I used to fantasize about everyone taking a long deep breath together, what a different and extraordinary experience that crowded train would have been.

As a Tantric Yogini, it is fair to say that I have made an extended effort into the endless possibilities of the use of breath through the forms of pranayama and numerous other breathwork practices ranging from the sublime to the cathartic. There are unlimited effects on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels of being. This helps us to shift patterns, get out of the mind, open the heart and crack us wide open. Through these practices I have reached all sorts of discoveries, seen profound visions, intensely rocked my kundalini energy, induced calm states of mind and surrendered into rapturous orgasmic bliss.

Yes, our breath can welcome us into deep orgasmic ecstasy, even in solo practice.

Breathe work for tantric sex

When we apply some of these breathing technologies to our lovemaking everything changes. Simply the more we breathe, the more we will feel. The more we feel the more we come fully alive. The art of extending lovemaking can be found in slow relaxed full breath. We can feel a lot more when we are connected to the breath and it gives us the chance to feel the energy in our bodies and to feel each other. When a man is approaching ejaculation he breathes in a very shallow way. By bringing attention to slow extended breath it helps to last longer and to dive into those extended orgasms.

There are many breathing techniques that we can play within our lovemaking. As a simple start, I recommend exploring some slow full breath. This does not mean everything has to be slow and that all sense of adventure shall be lost. Slowing and expanding the breath changes everything. The longer, deeper and slower the breath, the more you will be able to feel and the more possibility of expanding sensations, expanding orgasms.

Breathing deeply into your belly and pelvis area will help increase relaxation and tune into sensations. This allows feelings to build. Be sure to relax your jaw and really let go with every exhalation. Allow your breath to really enter you. Celebrate what a sensual and intimate experience breathing can be. The slower and more rhythmically you breathe during your lovemaking session, regardless of how fast you are thrusting, the more pleasure and sensation will circulate throughout your body. This is a simple yet powerful practice.

Developing the awareness of your breath in daily life will help it to become second nature.

Three of the essential keys to orgasm are breath, movement and sound. This is where we find our freedom in lovemaking through exploring and expressing these. Orgasmic states arrive when we consciously breathe, naturally move and shamelessly express our heart song.

For both men and women the breath is the portal to full body orgasmic ecstasy. Breath is our tool to deep exploration of self and other on this journey into the infinite realms of bliss.

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