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meditationFree 5 Minute Meditation To Improve Your Sexual Connection

Get this powerful resource to ignite your sexual energy and expand your capacity for love whether you have a partner right now or not.

Discover new ways of Opening your Heart and Being Vulnerable with another

Do you feel like you hold back in the bedroom?

Or maybe you lack the confidence to experience the sexual depth and connection that you desire?

Do your sexual challenges stop you from experiencing yourself and your partner fully?

Sexuality is a gateway to our true nature. When you can fully express yourself sexually, every area of your life opens up.

Sexual prowess can be learned like everything else in life. Don’t buy into the myth that if you weren’t born a naturally epic lover that you have to settle for a life of mediocrity in the bedroom.

Like all of the arts it takes some practice, some dedication and a little instruction.

Coaching Programs

Come Into Yourself: The Multi-orgasmic woman

Fearless Masculinity: Ravish Women and Make Love For Hours

Ecstatic Connection for Couples

Mind-blowing Mystical Sex: Tantra For Couples

Being guided by Krista, I have compassionately been shown what lies beyond the edge of the self-constructed confines of my mind and provided with the space to heal and reconstruct my beliefs around intimacy. Krista makes the magic and bliss within every moment a palpable experience.

–Wendy Rodgers

Workshops & Events

The Art of Tantra- Tantra 1

A 2 day weekend workshop will start you on the journey in the ancient practice of Tantra.

Alchemy of the Heart- Tantra II

A weekend workshop devoted to the refinement of your Tantric practices and further explorations.

Tantra Soiree Series

This intoxicating 7 week series is devoted to starting or deepening your practice in Tantra.

Opening to Bliss: Couples Tantra Retreat

This is a unique residential experience to share with your partner.